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PALDISKI MNT 82b, 82c, 82d


Mustjõe Homes are designed by renowned and experienced architects Enn Rajasaar and Eero Endjärv. The buildings have a modern design that has been largely shaped by the architectural concept of local natural environment that has also strongly influenced the exterior of the buildings. The reed fields by the sea have inspired both the facade and the vertical wooden ribs in front of the balconies, which, according to the authors, provide some required privacy for the apartments with large windows and possess sound-insulating qualities.

The apartments vary in size and the number of rooms, and the apartments with setbacks on the top floor, which are the fanciest in Mustjõe Homes, have excellent roof terraces.



  • LOAD-BEARING CONSTRUCTION – Mountable elements of reinforced concrete.
  • EXTERIOR WALLS – Three-layer reinforced concrete slabs with elevated heat retention.
  • ROOF – Flat roof with elevated heat retention.
  • BULKHEAD CEILINGS – Mountable hollow core slabs of reinforced concrete, top-floor ceilings are of monolithic reinforced concrete. The floor construction includes a sound-insulating interlayer.
  • STAIRS – Mountable reinforced concrete stairs with terrazzo steps.
  • BALCONIES – Balcony slabs of reinforced concrete elements surrounded with a wooden and metal railing. The front of the balcony has wooden ribs covering the facade.
  • EXTERIOR DOORS OF APARTMENTS – Veneered fireproof wooden doors.
  • WINDOWS – Energy-efficient PVC windows with a three-layer insulation package. On the Paldiski maantee 82b building, the windows on the side of the street have elevated sound insulation.
  • INTERNAL WALLS – To provide the required level of sound insulation, the internal walls that separate apartments are of reinforced concrete slabs or clay blocks that are additionally covered with plaster or wool. Internal walls inside apartments are cast walls with steel-floated surface and extra strong drywall.



Thanks to the materials used in construction, technical solutions, and the chosen technical building systems, the apartment buildings have a B-class energy performance label. Future heating in the buildings is planned as a maximally economic solution.

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Outside areas of apartment buildings will include a playground with a sandbox, a slide, and various swings. Benches stand by the pavements leading to the buildings’ entrances and on the playground area, and when it gets dark, a cosy lighting is turned on in the outside area.

A bicycle parking area will be created outside.

Cars can be parked on the ground floor of the buildings and in the outside parking lot.

A shore path of siftings will be engineered by the edge of Mustjõe stream, leading to the foot and bicycle paths between Rocca al Mare and Stroomi beach.


The apartment buildings have spacious apartments with large windows, filling them with light. Most apartments have balconies; apartments on the top floor have spacious terraces. The apartment-based ventilation aggregate is located in a special room. Larger apartments have separate toilets and bathrooms.



Storage rooms are on ground floors and first floors, depending on the apartment.



Apartment buildings have elevators that take you conveniently from the parking floor to apartments on all floors.

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The heating solution of Paldiski maantee 82b (the building right by the street) is based on an economic gas heating. Also, solar panels are engineered on the roof for producing additional energy.

The heating solution of Paldiski maantee 82c and 82d is based on geothermal heating. Ground source heat pumps are located in the technical room on the ground floor, producing hot water and maintaining temperatures in rooms.

The convenient water underfloor heating ensures a balanced internal temperature. There is a thermostat in every room for temperature regulation.


Every apartment has an obligatory ventilation system with heat recovery (a separate ventilation aggregate) that provides you with the necessary round-the-clock air circulation. The ventilation device is adjustable with a digital remote.


Water meters are read remotely.



All rooms include at least two power sockets and one network socket.
Living rooms include at least two power socket blocks with a network socket (TV connection point). Bathrooms include power sockets for the washer and the drier, two power sockets are also by the sink. Rooms with suspended ceilings (wardrobe, bathroom, hall) have recessed LED ceiling lights.

Intercom systems include colour monitors that are directed to the front door.

Optical data transmission wiring is done from low voltage boards of the buildings to low voltage boards of apartments, enabling you to use services from telecommunication service providers.

Apartments are prepared for the installation of alarm systems, and the front doors of apartments have door magnets. Remotely read meters are in the ground floor boardroom.


The apartment buildings are constructed by AS Oma Ehitaja. AS Oma Ehitaja is a construction company with long-term experience in developing residential real estate, having built new homes for hundreds of satisfied families. As the same company is both the developer and the constructor, it ensures, through careful planning and engineering, a living environment that is the result of a consistent and thought-out construction based on modern and economical solutions. This results in apartments with an outstanding construction quality.